Please see below from GolfWA.

MEMO TO: General Managers/Golf Operations Manager
CC: GolfWA Board Members, GolfWA Golf Committee Members
FROM: Neil Goddard
Golf Operations Manager
DATE: 10 June 2020
SUBJECT: GolfWA Pennant Competitions
Dear All,

Firstly thank you to all participating clubs for their replies (note 100%) plus the general feedback on the
Pennant Competitions.

Following collation of these replies it was clear that across the individual pennant competitions a greater
majority of clubs/teams had indicated that they did not want to participate this year therefore it was
resolved to cancel all the remaining pennant competitions for 2020. I understand that this may disappoint
some clubs and their members however in this extraordinary year I suggest that this is an understandable

I would highlight that the common feedback from clubs was that there was an increased focus on members
and their related course access to assist to protect membership levels. With the restricted access over the
past months many clubs indicated that it would be potentially detrimental to the majority of their members
if there were further course closures for pennants.

I am sure we all look forward to the 2021 season and nomination information will be forwarded towards
the end of the year.

Kind Regards
Golf Operations Manager