I’m happy to say that we will be going to groups of 4 from from Monday 4th May 2020.
This is quite simple to implement on the time sheet however we still need to practice social distancing. This means that carts are still one per person unless the players reside with each other.
In this instance carts are available on a first in first serve basis when checking into the pro shop.
It will still be carts only before 9 am on a Saturday.
There will be a drinks cart out 7 days a week.
The driving range continues to stay open. The putting green can also be used 10 minutes before you play.
The chipping green remains closed.
Please note that all other policies remain in place including:
  • Check in to pro shop just 10 minutes before tee time.
  • Strict no B.Y.O. alcohol.
  • Bookings are a must with no walk ins.
  • Stay 1.5 meters away from other players.
  • Leave the flag in the hole.
  • Preferred lie in bunkers.
  • Competition through the Miscore app.
  • Please leave straight after your game (even though we would love you to stay and have a cold beverage.)