Dear Member,

Secret Harbour Golf Club would like to clarify the position of the Club in regard to etiquette and speed of play.

As most members are aware, it is expected that a competition round of golf is completed within a 4 – 4.5 hour timeframe.  During peak periods this can be longer.  Accordingly, a period is allocated to the start and the 10th tee which allows for course maintenance and other players to access the course.  It is essential we maintain timeframes for good course management.

There have been incidences recently whereby people have taken matters into their own hands and instructed others in what they deem as being appropriate.  Members at no time should take matters into their own hands and we advise all members of the following:

  • If there is an issue on course that is detrimentally impacting the whole field of play, please contact the club and staff will come out to assess the situation and appropriately rectify.
  • If a situation arises which is frustrating and needs attention, you should write to the General Manager and management will assess and take appropriate action.

I would also like to remind members as per bylaw:


It is the responsibility of every player to ensure that the players ahead are out of range before hitting. Failure to do so may make a player liable to civil action.

The Club administration will do its best to sort out issues in the best interests of the Club, if and when they arise.  Members taking matters into their own hands won’t be tolerated and may face disciplinary action by management and can lead to suspension.


Ben Sweeny

General Manager