One of the golf greatest events is pennants. Representing your club in a Matchplay format is a true test of grit and determination and the ultimate team golf experience.

This year the pennant season starts on Sunday 22nd March and Senior Pennants on Monday the 6th of April.

Can you please register your expression of interest to play next time you are in the pro shop.  We will be having a meeting early next year going through the following:

– Organizing of players into squads for each division
– Expressions of interest for a pennant captain for each team
– Handing out of Fixtures for each division
– Pennant Training times
– Pennant Shirts
– Quick summary of the rules modernization

This year our illustrious golf professional Mitch Roberts has scheduled time to be available for pennant training.  The undercover driving range and fitting centre will be complete to give all players the edge over other teams.


In the following years we also hope to have a ladies pennant team and also a junior pennant team.  It will be a very proud moment when we can fill these teams as a club.  Exciting times ahead.