Hi All

We are very excited to announce your new committee for a 2 year term.  We see the committee as a great way to help enhance current and new members experience at the club.

The industry as a whole is going through a very challenging time.  In challenging times there is also opportunity where we see Secret Harbour Golf Club in a very good position to take advantage of the current climate.  We could not do it without the continued support of our members and committee members, thank you.

We are delighted to announce the SHGC committee.

Club President: Mark Bill

Club Captain: Karl Roberts

General Committee:

Marilyn O’Brien (Also our social Queen who will be heading up the Social Committee)

Billy Jones

Martin Williams

Ian Jovicic

Darren Buck

Kevin Kempers

Darren Shelley

Dale Abbott

I will be in touch with all committee members very soon to organise an induction with myself and Mitch.  A sundowner will also be arranged to welcome the new committee.

Myself, Mitch and the team are looking forward to the great times ahead.